About Us

JVC Investment Partners ("JVC") is a Chicago-based private investment firm established in 2000 to invest in low middle-market and growth platforms in the health care industry. The combination of three distinct attributes differentiates JVC from other private equity and venture capital firms:


JVC uses proprietary capital in its investments. This capital structure allows JVC to:
  1. Enter into flexible investment structures, including non-controlling interest positions
  2. Conduct transaction processes in a timely and efficient manner
  3. Take a long-term view with respect to its investment portfolio companies

Operational Expertise

JVC's principals are seasoned health care industry executives with successful track records in developing and scaling businesses by:
  1. Building compelling business models
  2. Creating attractive shareholder value
  3. Embracing risk with growth opportunities


JVC brings over fifty years of operating and investing experience in the health care industry across a wide spectrum of businesses and markets. JVC's focus on the health care industry provides:
  1. Understanding of growth opportunities and related value drivers
  2. Deep knowledge in product/market development and regulatory environments
  3. Extensive network that consists of subject matter experts, customers and required resources