Investment Strategy


Private Equity

JVC Investment Partners ("JVC") focuses its investments in the healthcare industry. JVC is actively pursuing investment opportunities in businesses and ventures that offer operational efficiencies, superior clinical outcomes, cost reductions, and solutions to unmet needs in the healthcare system. These opportunities should satisfy the following criteria:


Business Segments

  1. Healthcare Services
  2. Medical Products
    1. Generic, branded generic and branded pharmaceuticals
    2. Medical specialties and devices
    3. Surveillance
  3. Healthcare Informational Technology

Types of investment

  1. Investments with controlling or significant minority interest in going concerns
  2. Corporate divestitures and carve-outs
  3. Family and founder's liquidity
  4. Management-led buyouts and acquisitions
We target lower middle market companies with a strong and committed management team, compelling product and service offerings as a platform for growth, and strong leadership positions in niche markets.