Investment Strategy


Venture Capital

JVC Investment Partners ("JVC") focuses its investments in the healthcare industry. JVC is actively pursuing investment opportunities in businesses and ventures that offer operational efficiencies, superior clinical outcomes, cost reductions, and solutions to unmet needs in the healthcare system. These opportunities should satisfy the following criteria:


Business Segments

  1. Healthcare Services
  2. Medical Products:
    1. Generic, branded generic and branded pharmaceuticals
    2. Medical specialties and devices
    3. Surveillance
  3. Healthcare Informational Technology

Types of investment

  1. Post series A
  2. Common equity or convertible preferred equity
We target companies that provide solutions for hospital acquired infections, medication errors, healthcare system operational efficiency enhancements and cost reductions, and chronic disease management. We look for a CEO with successful track record in the applicable business segment, a world class science and technical team that possess subject matter expertise, and Board of Directors and Advisory Board comprised of key opinion leaders and business leaders.